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In March of 2017, the Greene County Board of Supervisors identified the expansion of quality broadband access and service throughout the County as a high priority within the County’s overall strategic plan. In order to facilitate this needed expansion, with a goal of reaching all areas of our County, we have assembled an interagency committee charged with the task of addressing this most important issue to our citizens, students, visitors, and business community.


We all know the need for broadband access crosses many different paths in Greene County. Whether it be education, public safety, medical services, agriculture, business, tourism, or local government, to name a few, all of these sectors of our community must rely on a seamless, robust communications network to provide their valuable services.


And so with these points in mind, we want to hear from our community about this most important issue. In order to do this, the committee will be hosting a series of community forums to discuss the broadband initiative and allow for our residents and businesses to share your valuable experience and perspective about the need for enhancements to broadband access in Greene County.

Please join us as we present and discuss this high priority issue for all.

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