Adoption & Foster Care

Adoption Services

Adoption services are provided to foster care children with the goal of adoption or to expectant parents who are considering placing their child for adoption. For persons in Greene County interested in adoption, Greene County Social Services is a member of Community Attention Foster Families (CAFF). CAFF recruits, approves and trains prospective adoptive parents. For more information about adoption services, please call 434-985-5246.

Foster Care Services

Foster care services are provided to children who have been entrusted to or placed in the custody of Social Services with the primary goal of reuniting the child with his/her natural family. The child's family is provided services to help resolve the problems which caused the child to enter Foster Care. If the goal of "Return Home" becomes unattainable, there is a need to achieve another permanent placement for the child through adoption or placement with relatives. Services are provided to the child to meet his/her physical, emotional, and psychological needs. Independent Living services, programs and skills are provided to mature teens in Foster Care.

Foster Parents

Foster parents are recruited and trained by staff of Community Attention Foster Families (CAFF). Ongoing support and mandated, continuous trainings are provided for all Foster Parents. Respite Services are provided for Foster Parents as an additional support service and an opportunity to work with different foster care children. For more information about foster care services, please call 434-985-5246.

Foster Care Prevention & Family Preservation Program

Foster Care Prevention & Family Preservation Program's goal is to prevent the placement of children in substitute care, including foster care and residential home placement. The aim of Foster Care Prevention is to enhance the family's ability to create and maintain a healthy home environment that will reduce the total number of children entering foster care and shorten the stay of children in foster care. This is managed by providing intensive services to: (1) families in which child abuse or neglect has occurred; (2) families whose children are returned home from foster care; and (3) families who have children in need of services (CHINS). For more information about Foster Care Prevention Services, please call 434-985-5246.

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